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Warm, windy conditions predicted

Warm, windy conditions predicted

Staff Reporter

IN contrast to last week’s extremely cold and frosty conditions, the coming week is predicted to start with mild to warm conditions, with fresh to strong easterly winds in most parts of the country.

This was predicted by the Namibia Meteorological Services’ forecaster, Richard Nashikaku, who explained that the country’s interior will most likely experience partly cloudy and mild to warm conditions on Monday.

He added that the north-western parts of the country will be particularly warm to hot, while the extreme eastern parts of the country will most likely experience a few rain showers on Monday.


WINDY: Photos shared on Facebook of windy coastal towns. Photo: Paul Steyn


As for the coast, it seems that this coming week’s weather conditions will be similar to what was experienced during the first week of June based on Nashikaku’s predictions, which indicate that the coastal towns will most likely experience sunny and warm to hot conditions, with occasional sandstorms.

However, these windy conditions will not only start on Monday as the coast is already experiencing extremely windy conditions at the moment. These east winds once again resulted in sand piles covering the road between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund.

The Erongo Police and West Coast Initiative Namibia, therefore, urged road users to be particularly cautious when using that particular road.

The windy conditions are not just limited to Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. Paul Steyn shared a photo on Facebook to show that Henties Bay was also subjected to intense windy conditions this weekend.

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