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Emergency Service Providers to be celebrated and awarded

Emergency Service Providers to be celebrated and awarded

Ashley Nyambe

ALTHOUGH national Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Day is commemorated on 20 June, an official celebration to honour the milestones of EMS providers will take place on 22 July.

According to the Ministry of Health and Social Services’ Acting Chief Health Program Officer for Ambulance Services, Justina Amupolo, the official celebration will offer a bigger platform for EMS providers to collaborate in efforts that can improve service delivery.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us one thing – we cannot work in isolation. And I just hope that going forward this starts as a platform to open collaborative efforts between the government and our EMS providers,” Amupolo said.

APPRECIATED: EMS service providers came together on Monday to celebrate national EMS day in preparation for the official EMS Day celebration. Photo: Ashley Nyambe

Another key highlight of the official day will be the award ceremony to celebrate the best ESM providers.

According to the Managing Member of OSH-Med International, Fabian Martens, ESM providers will be awarded in five categories: government health institutions, public EMS providers, private EMS providers, paramedic training institutions (tertiary and vocational) and individual paramedics.

In the government category, awards will be given for the best progressing region, the best government hospital emergency unit and the best government ambulance service, while public EMS providers will be awarded for best public EMS.

An award will also be given to the best private EMS provider, as well as the best private hospital emergency unit and the best emergency control centre. Martens said the best tertiary and vocational instructors and lecturers will also be awarded at the official ceremony.

Martens added that individual paramedics will also be awarded for their skills based on the best advanced life support (ALS), emergency care technician (ECT), intermediate life support (ILS) and basic life support (BLS).

These awards will be sponsored by Style Graphics and the criteria for nominations will be announced on the National EMS Namibia Facebook page. Once nominations are announced, the public can vote for each category.

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