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‘Scared’ Benhard faked injury, says Nghipondoka

‘Scared’ Benhard faked injury, says Nghipondoka

Maria David

NO boxer goes silent if challenged by another but Edison “Bulelo” Nghipondoka seems not to be bothered after Michael Benhard from MTC-Kilimanjaro Boxing Club challenged him to the ring twice.

In March, the two boxers were expected to go head-to-head during the first MTC-Young Shall Grow boxing bonanza but the bout was cancelled at the last minute following an injury Benhard sustained.

In April, Benhard indicated that he had recovered and is ready to silence Nghipondoka once and for all. Also that he might retire for good.

BRING IT ON: Edison Nghipondoka (far left) and Michael Benhard (far right) with MTC-Kilimanjaro Boxing Club founders and sponsor at a press conference held in March. Photo: Maria David

When Informanté asked if Nghipondoka was to reply to the challenge, he quickly responded that Benhard is scared of him as he has been running away.

“They cannot afford me; the fight will be expensive if it has to occur. I have already lost out a lot when our bout was cancelled,” he said.

Nghipondoka said “the boy (as he calls Benhard)” has been running and cannot stand in front of him.

He said Benhard is afraid and has faked his injury.

Nghipondoka said the injury Benhard claimed he had before their bout “is fake and his call is cheap, he is scared”.

“We don’t want the same excuse again before the bout if any is to be planned,” he said.

Nghipondoka said his boxer Shipahu Deocar aka Ohima has on several occasions called out Benhard and until now they have not received any response.

He said Benhard and Ohima can fight for the junior middleweight or welterweight title.

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