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Amwele confronts AR activist

Amwele confronts AR activist

Staff Reporter

FRIDAY, while the nation’s attention was focused on the events unfolding at China Town in Windhoek, a copycat incident was unfolding at Ondangwa involving prominent Affirmative Repositioning (AR) activist Angelina Immanuel.

She turned up at a business complex to “talk to employees” of Chinese owned shops but was immediately confronted by the owner of the complex, Paavo Amwele, who is the town’s mayor.

“Get in your vehicle and leave . . . this is my property,” said Amwele.


CONFRONTATION: Paavo Amwele confronting AR activist Angelina Immanuel. The video footage was shared on social media.


Immanuel initially resisted, saying that she was there to do shopping and that Amwele had no right to interfere.

She claimed that Amwele threatened to shoot her and also accused him of having advised the Chinese employers to pay their workers “as they wished”.

After the fierce disputation, Amwele succeeded in chasing Immanuel away.

“The police were notified about what was happening, but when our officers arrived at the scene, the situation had returned to normal,” said Inspector Thomas Aiyambo.

The incident coincided with disturbances at China Town in the capital city where law enforcement agents had to use teargas and rubber bullets to disperse demonstrators. Several activists were arrested including NEFF parliamentarian Epafras Mukwiilongo.


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