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Almost 3 000 complaints reported to Ombudsman

Almost 3 000 complaints reported to Ombudsman

Maria David

A RECORD of 2 890 complaints was lodged with the Office of the Ombudsman from January to December last year.

Of those cases, 378 were reported in the Oshana Region, 153 in Oshikoto and 108 in Ohangwena.

The complaints were mainly related to compensation offers, home affairs services and unfair treatment in prison.

MEETING: Chief Clerk Timothy Shangadi and Namibia’s Ombudsman Advocate Basilius Dyakugha during a meeting in Oshana. Photo: Maria David

According to Ombudsman Chief Clerk for Investigations Timothy Shangadi, the Office of the Ombudsman continues to work around the clock to ensure that matters related to complaints are handled accordingly.

Shangadi stated that in Oshana Region, they received complaints such as the Oshakati police station being overcrowded with detainees far exceeding capacity, insufficient bedding, food shortage and problems with water.

Complaints related to traditional authority issues were reported in both Ohangwena and Oshikoto.

He said despite many people not having confidence in the Ombudsman, most are assisted as they “come in with a problem and go back with an answer”.

“It is an alternative justice system, cheaper and informal, where one can take their phone and send a short message when feeling that you are being unfairly treated,” he said.

Shangadi stated that most of the complaints affect many others, and can help to change the system for the better.

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