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IPC regional councillor Ciske Smith-Howard sued for N$350 000

IPC regional councillor Ciske Smith-Howard sued for N$350 000

Samuel Shinedima

THE Independent Patriots for Change’s (IPC’s) local authority councillor of the Henties Bay Municipality, Sifried Junios //Garoeb, has instituted legal actions against Ciske Smith-Howard, the IPC’s regional councillor of the Erongo region, demanding N$350 000 and an apology.

//Garoeb claims damages over an alleged false and defamatory statement Smith made during an interview with a local daily.

IPC regional councillor Ciske Smith-Howard sued
SUED: The IPC’s Regional Councillor Ciske Smith-Howard. Photo: Facebook

//Garoeb, through his lawyer Henry Shimutwikeni, stated that during an interview Smith-Howard said the IPC councillor in Henties Bay had stolen from his council while he was an employee of the municipality.

Smith-Howard further added, according to Garoeb’s allegations, that he was relieved from his duties in 2018 after an investigation found him guilty.

During the same interview, Smith-Howard further said that they cannot make a thief the head of an institution from which he stole.

According to //Garoeb, the false statements, insinuations, innuendos and suggestions about him were irresponsible, defamatory, unlawful, wrongful and untruthful, which were purely intended to infringe his dignity.

//Garoeb indicated that his reputation is damaged in the eyes of the viewers and the social media community at large, by creating an impression that he is a convicted criminal who was dismissed from the Henties Bay Municipality.

The local authority councillor submitted to the High Court that he has no conviction of any criminal offence and that he was never dismissed by the Henties Bay Municipality as insinuated by Smith-Howard.

//Garoeb is seeking an order to be compensated for the damage he suffered in the amount of N$350 00 with costs of suits and interest at the rate of 20% calculated from the date of judgement to the date of final payment.

He further demanded an order declaring the statements by Smith-Howard false, as well as an order directing her to unconditionally and unequivocally retract her remarks and subsequently render an apology within five days of the order.

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