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Gondwana adds hybrid cars to fleet collection

Gondwana adds hybrid cars to fleet collection

Staff Reporter

GONDWANA Collection Namibia’s car rental service, Namibia2Go, recently added the fuel-efficient, electric Toyota Corolla Cross 1.8 Automatic Hybrid to its rental collection as the first of 12 Toyota Cross 1.8XS CVT HV vehicles that will be added in April.

Speaking at the launch of the Toyota Cross hybrid vehicles, Gondwana’s Financial Director Jaco Visser stated that the Collection is proud and excited about the addition of the hybrid vehicles, especially after two years of the pandemic.

He further stated that the group “always had a proud track record of environmental awareness” and the addition of these electric vehicles is particularly noteworthy as the group wanted to have environmentally-safe transport options for conscious tourists.

“The modern tourist is a traveller who wants to experience things, but he also wants to know that he’s left nothing but footprints and, in that respect, we really looked at alternatives to find a way to make transport and travel within our country more environmentally friendly,” Visser added.

According to Visser, the fact that the Toyota Corolla Cross1.8 Automatic Hybrid emits less carbon dioxide as it is not completely reliant on fuel is not the only advantage of the vehicle.

The lower fuel consumption, he noted, also makes it more economical, especially given the ever-increasing fuel prices.

Danie Slabbert from Mariental Toyota, who also attended the launch, confirmed this and stated that the vehicle’s average petrol consumption is 4,71/100 km.

Slabbert emphasised that the Japanese makers of the Toyota Corolla Cross 1.8 Automatic Hybrid wanted to create something that generates its own power.

According to him, the Japanese said “Africa doesn’t even have enough power for their people. Where will they find power for their cars?” which is why they created the hybrid vehicle.

“There’s synergy between the petrol motor and the electric motor. So that car has a 1.8 litre naturally aspirated petrol engine that transfers the power to the wheels through a CVT gearbox. It also has an electric motor, so the electric motor is started which then starts the generator. The generator then sends electricity, power, to the battery set. From the batteries, it goes to the front to a power split unit that sends the power through the gearbox to the wheels,” Slabbert explained.

He said the vehicle comes with an Electric Vehicle (EV) option, which means it can operate on battery power if it has about 90% or more battery power. This, however, only applies when the car is driven below 60 km per hour, making it ideal for urban driving. Once the car is used above 60 km per hour then it will also start using the petrol engine in conjunction with the battery.

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