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Green schemes should be run by Namibians

Green schemes should be run by Namibians

Maria David

NAMIBIA Local Business Association (NALOBA) has called on the government to rethink its decision to lease green schemes to foreign investors as it does not benefit all Namibians.

Minister of Agriculture Calle Schlettwein while addressing the audience at Dubai Expo 2020 recently told investors of the government’s intention to lease out 11 green schemes.

NALOBA president Erastus Shapumba said leaders should not always decide on behalf of the mass without considering their benefits.

NAMIBIA Local Business Association NALOBA green schemes foreign investors Namibians
RETHINK: President of NALOBA Erastus Shapumba and Vice-president Peter Amadhila. Photo: Maria David

Shapumba made the remark during a press conference held at Ongwediva on Tuesday, saying that resources do not belong to the government, but to the nation.

“The decision should be taken in favour of Namibians and not in the capacities only of leaders,” he said.

Vice-president of NALOBA Peter Amadhila said business investment opportunities should be given to Namibians to operate on the schemes themselves.

Amadhila emphasized that they are not against foreign investors, but they cannot allow them to come into the country taking over what Namibians can do.

“NALOBA strongly condemns the intention of the government wanting to lease all green schemes to foreign investors. All those schemes can be given to NALOBA to create employment opportunities,” he said.

Amadhila stated that they cannot afford green schemes to be operated by foreign investors while the country has capable Namibians to run and operate the schemes productively, profitably and sustainably.

“Our government needs to realise and recognize that our country’s true and permanent investors are our local businessmen and women, therefore business investments opportunities should be given to them before taken outside the country,” he added.

Amadhila emphasised that foreigners are most of the time out to milk Namibians and exploit them at the same time by paying them lower wages.

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