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Hardap Dam under controlled water outflow

Hardap Dam under controlled water outflow

Hannes Kaufmann


WITH worrying thoughts about a possible major outflow of water at the Hardap Dam due to a spike in inflow on 19 January, heavy rains and a local farmer dam burst in the catchment area of the Riempack river, residents and local produce farmers of Mariental are satisfied and at ease about how the control of water management was handled and the situation constantly monitored.


The Hardap Dam’s sluices were opened at about midnight Thursday in a coordinated effort to ensure the town’s safety and also to protect local produce farmers’ land.



The Chairperson of the Hardap Farmers Union, Mr Dawie de Klerk, advised Informanté that at 11:00 on Friday 21 January the dam’s release rate was kept constant at 300 cubic meters per second whilst the inflow of water was continuous at 344 cubic meters per second with a capacity fill of 72.7%.


Although further rainfall is predicted for the dam’s catchment area over the coming weekend, the outflow of the dam will be continuously controlled in relation to its inflow.


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