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Flood threat after dam collapses

Flood threat after dam collapses

By Hannes Kaufmann (Informanté Live)


Residents of Mariental and travellers in the Hardap Dam catchment area are warned to be extremely cautious of flood waters, after a dam burst on the farm of Mr Horst Fechter in the Packriem River.


The dramatic video was taken by Horst Fechter who was an eyewitness to the disaster.


The Mariental Municipality has issued a notice to all residents and visitors to the Mariental area that a farm dam in the Packriem River which has a direct inflow into the Hardap Dam had burst shortly after 07h00 on Thursday morning which will have an impact on the water inflow into the Hardap Dam.



The Chairperson of the Hardap Farmers Union, Mr Dawie de Klerk reported to Informanté that the dam broke on Mr Horst Fechter’s farm in the back area of the Packriem River after having received 68 millimetres of rain during Wednesday night. The dam has a capacity of 500 000 cubic meters of water and water is now flowing towards the Hardap Dam intake.
Although the farm dam collapse will only be contributing to about 6% of additional inflow of water into the Hardap Dam, there should not be a reason for concern for Mariental residents and the Hardap Scheme farmers.


“The hydrological measuring instruments that are measuring the inflow of water into the Hardap Dam will be showing a spike in water inflow, however this will only be a temporary inflow” said de Klerk.


By 14h10 on Thursday afternoon the dam had been receiving 635 cubic meters of water per second. This contributes to the Hardap Dam’s capacity taking it from 46% to a possible 70% fill capacity over the last three days.


Although this is good news for the Hardap Scheme farm producers, there also is a good chance that the dam sluices will be opened for controlled water outflow within the next 24 hours.


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