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Burglars steal items worth N$80 000 at Ongwediva

Burglars steal items worth N$80 000 at Ongwediva

Placido Hilukilwa

BUSINESSES and residential premises in the Ongwediva town in the Oshana Region appear to have become the preferred target of burglars, with three incidents reported since Saturday in which items worth more than N$200 000 were stolen.

The latest incident occurred early Monday morning, a mere two days after the two housebreaking incidents reported on Saturday.

According to the police, a house in the Valombola residential area was broken into at around 04:50 while the sole occupant, a 31-year-old man, was fast asleep.

He eventually woke up and was stunned to see the doors of the house wide open.

It was later discovered that the suspect broke the sitting room’s window to gain entry. The following items were stolen: An Orion 42 inch TV; a Canon camera; one studio set; a barn door and a desktop computer.
The total value of the stolen properties is N$82 000.

The police said that the TV set was recovered, found abandoned not very far away from the scene.

No suspect has been arrested.

This was one of many incidents reported at Ongwediva in which residential properties are broken into while occupants are asleep, without them noticing the presence of the intruders.

The police have earlier speculated about the possible use, by criminals, of sleep-inducing substances but there is no conclusive proof yet.

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