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Zambezi receives highest rainfall since 1980s

Zambezi receives highest rainfall since 1980s

Staff Reporter


DESCRIBED as a country of extremes when it comes to weather, Namibia has lived up to this name with the north-eastern parts receiving extensive rainfall while parts of the central north and western regions remain bone dry.


The rainfall, which was mostly witnessed in the Zambezi region, has seen Lake Liambezi, situated 60 km south of Katima Mulilo, fill up for the first time since the 1980s.


The usually dry and desolate parts of southern Namibia also received substantial rainfall with some parts in the south, such as Holoog in the Gondwana Canyon Park, receiving 20 mm of rain this morning.


RAINDANCE: Some parts of the country received exceptional rainfall. VIDEOS: Gondwana Collection Namibia/ Dr. Ian “Pompies” Burger — in Zambezi Region.


Gondwana Collection Namibia and Dr Ian “Pompies” Burger, a photographer well-known for his book series Birds of Namibia, shared their videos for all to enjoy the spectacular sights.


According to reports from the Namibia Weather Network, one of the first times Lake Liambezi was recorded full, was when the Zambezi flooded during the late 1950s.


However, 30 years later in the 1980s, it was completely dried up.


The weather service noted that an interesting phenomenon occurs whereby the waters of the Zambezi River begin to push into the Chobe, causing it to reverse its flow and fill up Lake Liambezi.


Figures show interesting facts when comparing rain recorded in Katima Mulilo since 2018.


The lake has received the highest rainfall since then with 158 mm measured on 12 January 2018 and a whopping 435 mm on 12 January 2022.


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