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Helicopter to help with finding missing Omuzemba girl (10)

Helicopter to help with finding missing Omuzemba girl (10)

Zorena Jantze

TEN-YEAR-OLD Kototo Poshiwololwe from Farm Nuxas in the Outjo district who went into the veld to look for goats has now been missing for over five days.

A lodge has now availed a helicopter to help in the search for the little girl today.

The young Omuzemba girl went missing on Friday 7 January, after being told to fetch goats alongside a boy aged around five years old.
The boy was later found at a nearby farm but Kototo did not make her way back home.

Helicopter missing Omuzemba girl Kototo Poshiwololwe Farm Nuxas Outjo veld missing
File photo for illustrative purposes only.

Chief Inspector Elifas Kuwinga, Nampol spokesperson, stated that multiple searches for the little girl have turned up empty.

He said efforts are hindered by the fact that there is no photograph available of the child which can be passed on to the public.

Kuwinga stated that search parties will continue with their efforts today with the assistance of a helicopter made available by the Ongava Lodge.

Bernadus Hanchab, the employer of Kototo’s father, said so far the police, environmental conservation officers and volunteers have been searching for the girl on more than three farms surrounding Farm Nuxas.

He said while criminal activity is quite low around Farm Nuxas, it is located quite close to the Etosha National Park with its multitude of dangerous wildlife.

Hanchab thanked the management of Ongava Lodge for availing the helicopter.

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