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Garbage everywhere as holiday ends

Garbage everywhere as holiday ends

Maria David

THE Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism is dismayed with lawless and trash-dumping holidaymakers with no regard for other people, the environment or safety rules and regulations.

Mountains of rubbish had to be collected at the coast in the aftermath of the festive season.

Ministry spokesperson Romeo Muyunda said they are utterly disappointed that holidaymakers seemingly chose to litter instead of clean up after themselves.

“Garbage could be observed everywhere, including on our beaches, on dunes and in the general surroundings,” he said.

So far, ministry officials have collected 480 bags of waste in the Dorob National Park after mindless people who flocked to the coast chose to drop their trash wherever they wanted.

In addition, Muyunda said they also observed people launching firecrackers, playing loud music, driving offroad illegally and getting out of their vehicles in national parks, which is not allowed.

“The ministry condemns such acts of irresponsible behaviour. Travellers and holidaymakers should not leave their garbage unattended but rather find ways to dispose of it responsibly,” Muyunda said.

“It not only makes our beautiful parks and country in general unattractive, but waste contaminates the land, the air and water sources, in particular the oceans, affecting aquatic species on which the fishing sector depends.”

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