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No rainfall, no ploughing

No rainfall, no ploughing

Maria David

DESPITE drought evident almost everywhere, communal farmers in the Northern areas are still positive about receiving good rainfall to mark the start of their ploughing season and produce food before the end of the year.

A tour through the Oshikoto, Oshana, Ohangwena and Omusati regions taken by Informanté has uncovered that not only the omahangu fields are dry and not prepared, but the people and their livestock share the same running water, as the oshanas and water ponds are dry too.

As the afternoon approaches, farmers and their livestock find shade to rest in the hot sun with no water to drink in the oshanas and allowing for the heat to decrease.

rainfall ploughing drought communal farmers Northern produce food
WAITING: Farmers hope for good rainfall to start working in their fields. Photo: Maria David

Many of the farmers remain hopeful of good rainfall within the days to come, while some only hope for grazing areas to get green for their livestock.

A resident of Okatope, Thomas Nanghambe, said by the Grace of the Lord they might receive some droplets.

He explained that coming home during December had always marked the beginning of the ploughing season for them, but with the world changing, and global warming at the centre of it all, they too need to change with the times.

“If we don’t get any rainfall people will go hungry and will rely on government for drought relief,” he said.

Another resident, Martin Dumeni, indicated that their livestock might die if no rainfall is received.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, 70 percent of Namibians depend on agriculture for food security.

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