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Woman robbed of more than N$230k in Walvis Bay

Woman robbed of more than N$230k in Walvis Bay

Staff Reporter

ROBBERS in Walvis Bay on Monday got away with almost a quarter of a million Namibian dollars stolen from a 60-year-old woman on her way to deposit the money at the bank.

The incident took place around 11:30 in front of the Bay Fruit and Veg shop in 12th Street East in the industrial area.

The woman, a South African citizen, is a co-owner of the shop.

According to Erongo police inspector Ileni Shapumba, the woman earlier collected money from one of her family’s other businesses in the coastal town.

She drove to Bay Fruit and Veg to complete a deposit slip there and then walked to her car with the money bag containing N$236 430.

While she was trying to get into the car, two unknown suspects grabbed her and took the money bag.

The third suspect was waiting in the driver’s seat of the getaway car, a silver VW Polo with fake registration numbers N 9269 S at the back and N 9654 S in front.

One of the suspects slashed the left side tyres of the victim’s car before the men jumped into the Polo and sped off.

The woman told the police that she suspects the men followed her from the shop where she collected the money from earlier.

Inspector Shapumba denied claims that the police arrived at the scene late because there were no vehicles available to respond in time or that certain vehicles may only be used to go to specific crime scenes.

“We can assure the public that the instruction of the regional commander is that every police vehicle can be used to respond to emergencies and attend to pressing demands for safety by our communities. In this particular case, our officers responded within a reasonable time in police vehicles and not on foot as alleged,” Shapumba said, adding that such claims are damaging to the police and have the potential to promote crime in communities.

No arrests have been made yet and police investigations continue.

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