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FlyWestair rebrands to FlyNamibia

FlyWestair rebrands to FlyNamibia

Marthina Mutanga

NAMIBIA’S first privately-owned scheduled airline, FlyWestair, has rebranded and will now go by the name of FlyNamibia after 54 years in aviation.

Speaking at the inauguration of the new brand last night, Vice president Nangolo Mbumba said that FlyNamibia, through its route network, will link Namibia to other parts of the continent to increase intra- Africa tourism, business and trade to the benefit of Namibia, the sub-region and the continent.

Despite social and economic challenges amplified by the Covid-19 health pandemic, which continues to afflict the lives and livelihoods of the citizens, FlyWestair has preserved in these trying times, said Mbumba.

Mbumba indicated that Namibia operates as a mixed, open economy where the state and private sector have specific roles to play.

“The ultimate goal for government is to create an optimum, enabling environment where the private sectors investment, such as this, can flourish to grow the economy and create needed employment,” he said.

Westair Aviation was granted designated carrier status by the Namibia Transport Commission in 2017 and FlyWestair has been in operation since June 2019.

The company invested an estimate N$201 million and has employed 150 people since inception, but was forced to restructure its staff to 85 due to the pressure of Covid-19.

“Within this sphere government has embraced the growth at home strategy to consolidate efforts to buy and support locally produced products and services.
The benefits of buying local products and supporting local services providers stimulate the domestic economy, create and retain valuable jobs, support families and ensure that money is circulated within the domestic economy to strengthen the overall socio-economic development of the country,” he added.

Mbumba said, however, that government can only provide domestic support when the products and services are made available.

“We are proud that FlyNamibia has unlocked an opportunity where a local airline can operate by facilitating travel and trade and thus be supported by both Namibia and foreign travellers and traders alike,” Mbumba said.

He further explained that transport infrastructure and services remain crucial for generating economic growth, alleviating poverty, reducing the scourge of inequality, and increasing domestic and international competition in Namibia.

He therefore encouraged FlyNamibia to add more viable routes to its network as a means to stimulate the development of the local economy.

“FlyNamibia is bold in the sense that it ventured into an arena where the world, and Africa, is congested with multiple global airlines where fierce competition and other industry related challenges will undoubtedly be encountered,” he said.

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