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Retrenchment a possibility at Walvis Bay Salt

Retrenchment a possibility at Walvis Bay Salt

Maria David 

WALVIS BAY Salt Holdings is considering a decision to permanently send 25 employees home due to a lack of productivity. 

Company Human Resources Manager, Brumilda Britz, explained that the process to reduce the workforce at certain departments has commenced, and that the employees’ representatives have been engaged.

Britz explained that 25 employees from three departments maybe affected, if alternative solutions to retrenchments are not found and agreed upon.

She added that through their own investigations, a number of inefficient processes were identified and improvement projects assessed. 

Two business units specifically were identified as not operating productively and efficiently, which demanded for a change in the company’s strategy.

“The only options available to management regarding these business units involves a staffing restructure, and this unfortunately has the potential for job losses,” she added.

She noted that management continually assesses the efficiencies of the operations. 

“Where business units are found to be operating at less than desired levels, then management is obliged to intervene and will consider a number of options,” explained Britz. 

Options can include re-engineering, employing alternative modes of operation, staff restructuring or the discontinuance of the business unit.

“Management is mandated to ensure that all business units perform at expected levels. This means ensuring costs and profit margins are at acceptable levels for each of these business units,” she said.

Britz indicated that where anyone or more of these individual units are not at the standard required, then those must be addressed individually. 

“This must be done, notwithstanding the good performance of the other units, as each individual part of the business must be able to sustain itself,” she said.

Britz concluded that they intend and will endeavour to secure as many jobs, or lessen the detrimental effects that the prospect of unemployment presents.

RETRENCHMENT: WALVIS BAY Salt Holdings to retrench about 25 employees due to poor production. Photo courtesy of Walvis Bay Salt Holdings

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