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NAU annual congress underway

NAU annual congress underway

Marthina Mutanga


THE Namibian Agricultural Union (NAU) is currently holding its annual congress, which has been divided into three regional assemblies due to the coronavirus health regulations that has put a cap on the number of people allowed to gather.


Danie Van Vuuren, administrator of NAU, said the first meeting for the entire northern region kicked off today at the Otjiwa Lodge, while Wednesday is reserved for the southern region and on Friday, the central region will have its meeting in Windhoek.


He added that some of the matters that will be discussed include giving feedback to members on all activities of the past year, as well as the approval of audited financial statements and the new budget.


Namibian Agricultural Union NAU annual congress coronavirus
ELECTION TIME: Danie Van Vuuren.


New management members for the coming year will also be elected during the regional meetings this week, which will be held under the theme “Changing the shape of my world.”


Van Vuuren explained that the annual congress of the NAU is normally held during October in Windhoek and covers between two to three days of discussions, information sharing and an exchange of ideas.


Due to the pandemic, however, one meeting for all its members and stakeholders is impossible, hence the decision to slice it into smaller meetings to accommodate everyone.


During the congress, the NAU’s 75 years of existence will also be celebrated.


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