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Out of mind, but not out of sight

Out of mind, but not out of sight

Staff Reporter


A TOTAL of 14 Namibians have recently succumbed to Covid-19, while 53 tested positive for the novel coronavirus over the past 48 hours.


From the 14 deaths, none were vaccinated and from the 53 patients who tested positive, only two patients received their first Covid-19 jab while the rest were unvaccinated.


The 14 deaths reported are from four districts, and include five deaths in August 2021, three between 3 and 10 September 2021, five between 18 and 26 September 2021 and one occurred on 27 September, within the 24-hours reporting period.


This is according to the latest Covid-19 situation report provided by the Ministry of Health and Social Services for 28 September 2021.


COVID DEATHS: Deaths related to Covid-19 are still being reported, albeit at a lower rate. Picture for illustrative purposes only.


The health ministry stated that those recently infected include 29 females and 24 males.


The age range is from four months to 86-years-old.


Of the confirmed cases, 22 are learners, including 13 from two schools in the Engela district.


One teacher also tested positive.


The number of active cases now stands at 1 165, of which 92 are hospitalised and 12 are in ICU.


All three cases involving children under the ages of 10 are reported from the Katima Mulilo district.


As of 27 September 2021, a total of 264 143 people have received one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, of which 10 748 have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, a single dose vaccine.


A total of 169 614 have received two doses, bringing the total of people fully vaccination to 180 362.


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