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Pensioner shoots robber in self-defence

Pensioner shoots robber in self-defence

Niël Terblanché


AN ELDERLY resident of Henties Bay, the 60-year-old Stefanus Blaauw, was able to defend himself and his wife from being tortured and possibly killed after he shot a knife-wielding intruder in his home during the early hours of Friday morning.


According to the incident report provided by the Namibian Police, the break-in occurred at about 02:00 while Blaauw and his wife were asleep in their home at the Ilofa Camp Site.


The report states that the deceased person, along with four other men, broke down the front door to gain entrance to the residence.


Blaauw was woken up by the sound of the door breaking and he picked up his firearm and went to investigate.


Pensioner shoots robber self-defence Henties Bay Stefanus Blaauw defend being knife-wielding intruder
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The home invasion occurred at a time where several elderly people from especially coastal towns such as Swakopmund and Henties Bay have been murdered or injured by violent robbers who broke into their homes.


“When he saw that there were five men armed with pangas and knives in his house, Blaauw fired several shots in their direction. One of the bullets struck one of the intruders in the stomach and he died a short while later,” the report says.


According to the report, the four other burglars fled when the bullets started flying.


The fleeing burglars dropped an axe and panga on the scene.


When police officers arrived at the scene, they also found that the deceased person was armed with a knife.


The name of the 36-year-old deceased person has not been made public yet.


A search has been launched to trace and arrest the four suspects who fled the scene where their accomplice died.


The report states that a provisional murder charge has been registered against Blaauw and that an investigation is currently underway.


The Prosecutor-General will have to decide if Blaauw, who defended himself and his wife from being tortured or possibly murdered, will eventually be arrested and prosecuted.


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