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Good rainy season anticipated

Good rainy season anticipated

Marthina Mutanga


MOST farmers in the country can look forward to a favourable rainfall season and have therefore been advised to cultivate their crop fields, as well as use seed varieties in order to take full advantage of the potentially good rains.


Namibia Meteorological Service’s Chief Technician for Climate and Databank, Simon Dirkse, said livestock farmers can re-stock their herds as there will be good grazing associated with the potentially favourable rainfall forecasted.


The seasonal rainfall forecast points to a normal to above-normal rainfall season for most of Namibia, while normal to below-normal rainfall is expect in the northwest areas.


Photo: Marthina Mutanga


Dirkse, however, warned that the possibility of flooding and flash flooding in the traditional areas has not ruled out.


According to Dirkse, the likelihood of heavy rainfall events, followed by hailstorms and lighting, which can be destructive to infrastructure and human being, are anticipated.


“For the areas expecting normal to above-normal rainfall and the fact that majority of our water supply dams are at 70% to 80% of their full supply capacity, it is suggested that close and continuous seasonal monitoring of rivers, dams, flash floods and overflow of water from transboundary and interior catchments are exercised,” said Dirkse.


The upscaling, updating and activation of regional multi-hazard contingency plans for flood mitigation and response are suggested for the water.


Additionally, farmers and the community at large are advised to take advantage of wet conditions by increasing rain and flood water harvesting and proactive dam storage.


Farmer in the northwestern parts of the country, however, might not be as lucky as the meteorological service predicts drought.


Farmers in that area are therefore being advised to put all the necessary measures in place to face potential drought, such as destocking, moving livestock to areas where better rainfall is expected and avoiding cultivating the whole crop fields in order to minimize the risk of losses associated with potential drought.


The northwestern regions are further advised to practice water conservation, demand management, and infrastructure management.


Furthermore, efforts should be made to secure additional water resources for water supply and infrastructure pipelines, borehole drilling, and water transfers, and desalination.


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