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Race 20 September 2021

Race 20 September 2021

The international sprint sensations met their match on the now famous Trustco pavement race when Namibian media personality, Neville Basson of Informanté Morning Mix with Q-base and Merja kicked dust in the eyes of Christine Mboma and Beatrice Masilinge on home soil with the Robert Mugabe morning traffic, commuters and Trustco employees as spectators.


Basson who gained fame for inventing the Trustco pavement race against famous personalities kept his unbeaten record after Namibia’s two darlings of the international track, Olympic 200 m Silver medalist Christine Mboma and Olympic 200 m finalist Beatrice Masilingi turned up for the challenge after they touched down on Namibian soil for a well-rested break early Monday morning.


In an act of great humbleness, companied by their coach Henk Botha, they popped in at the offices of Trustco Group to chat to the Morning Mix crew, a great complimentary visit to Informanté Live who was the first to interview the athletes in the studio when the 400m debate was settled by their sterling performances in the 200m sprints.



Visiting not less that 8 countries over a period of less that 3 months they established themselves as world beaters dominating race after race. Christine:’’ I enjoyed my time so much, meeting and competing against world renowned athletes was an honour for me.


Beatrice was equally excited to be back on home soil:’’ My life has changed so much, a normal walk in the mall is definitely not possible for me anymore, pictures and autographs is my normal routine now lol! The Trustco pavement has become quite the landmark of the Friday morning social games of Trustco staff, a spectacle witnessed by many passersby. When the 3 of them took to the pavement ‘’ track’’, it was no different with cars slowing down, hooting to witness this spoof race.


Everybody had a good laugh afterwards knowing that there’s no way that Katutura Grootwinkels would produce another sprint star, Frank Fredericks was surely the last one! Naah, they warned me well in advance that they gonna make me win, they made enough zak (money) in the last 3 months they surely not gonna risk injury for me lol!’’


Neville chuckled catching his breath. Informanté Live and Trustco group wants to join all Namibians in wishing Christine and Beatrice a well-rested time back home, before they once again depart to all corners of the world in setting more records for our proud nation.


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