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City warns residents against electricity theft

City warns residents against electricity theft

Zorena Jantze


ILLEGAL connections of electricity within the informal settlements have become the most common way of supplying power, with thousands of cables running through different houses and others even making a profit from the sharing of electricity with less fortunate neighbours.


The City of Windhoek (CoW) has expressed concern over the practice and reiterated that electricity theft is a serious crime and a highly risky endeavour.


George Mayumbelo, acting CEO of CoW, informed the public of the growing trend of electricity theft by some residents and discouraged those tampering with or trying to bypass electricity meters.


Mayumbelo said the perpetual theft is a major stumbling block to service delivery in Windhoek.


theft ILLEGAL connections electricity informal settlements power cables electricity less fortunate neighbours
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He added that any offence associated with bypassing of electricity or tampering with electricity meters and illegal electricity supply or connections carries a hefty fine of N$16 000 or an imprisonment period not exceeding two years in terms of Section 42 of the Electricity Act 4 of 2007.


Members of the public are advised to reporting any illegal electricity connection to the City Police at 061 302 302 or 4444 SMS line.


Residents have also been advised to apply for legal electricity connections if their current meter is malfunctioning or if it has been tampered with.


If anyone suspects that their electricity meter has been tempered with, they can also call the Customer Contact Centre on 061-290 3777.


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