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Mboma and Masilingi off to Croatia

Mboma and Masilingi off to Croatia

Marthina Mutanga


WITH a new Diamond League Trophy and gold medal in the 200m women’s race now forming part of her athletic accomplishments and memorabilia following yesterday’s spectacular win in Zurich, Christine Mboma is expected to compete in Croatia next.


It is also anticipated that Beatrice Masilingi, who pulled out of last night’s race at the last minute due to poor health, will have fully recovered to also take part in the Boris Hanzekovic Memorial Continental Tour Gold in Croatia on 14 September.


Their coach, Henk Botha, said the 18-year-old athletes will be leaving Zurich today and travelling to Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, ahead of next week Tuesday’s race.



Botha said although both athletes are tired as they recently flew to Europe to compete in Belgium and Switzerland after taking part in the World Junior Games in Kenya, they are getting a lot of rest and recovering time.


“Yes the girls are tired, I will not deny that, but I can also tell you that we are at 10% less training than we usually do, so we are giving them a lot of rest and recovery time,” said Botha.


Botha added that Mboma and Masilingi are working with world renowned professionals, and that if the team feels that they are suffering from exhaustion, they will withdraw them from their planned races.


“There are two more races that are suppose to go on, but we will see and if at anytime we feel that the girls are too fatigued or not ready, we will withdraw. There is no pressure on anybody to do anything, so it’s not about anything else but about the health of the girls and the career of the girls and everyone can rest assured that we will always protect that,” Botha reassured.


Mboma last night made history in Zurich when she broke the World U20 record in the 200m, as well as the African Record when she ran a time of 21.78.


After Croatia, the athletes will return to Kenya for one last race before taking a break.


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