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Harry and Shambo match to proceed as planned

Harry and Shambo match to proceed as planned

Maria David


PREPARATIONS for the much anticipated boxing match between the undefeated heavy weight world champion, Harry Simon, and village headman Martin Shambo, are moving forward despite fears that it might be called off at the eleventh hour.


The boxing tournament, which is scheduled for 20 November 2021, is expected to see which of the two men’s punches will dominate the ring.


Although the name of Shambo, who is also a businessman and a former police officer, is not known in the boxing world, the friendly match has been on the tongues of boxing enthusiasts since it was first announced last month.


Shambo in fact almost threw in the towel after Simon challenged him to a boxing match at a press conference at Ondangwa, but has since embraced the challenge.


ON TRACK: HARRY SIMON with some of the other boxers.


Tanya Smith, one of the organisers of the match, said preparations are on track although they are still deciding on a venue after the Ondonga Palace was ruled out as a possible venue.


“We have an exciting lineup not to be missed on the night of the match,” she added.


The lineup will consist of Vilho Heita, Ndokosho, Energy, Kanime Kanime, Bume Shitaleni, Seun, Prince Naidjala, Daniel Kashela and Bulelo.


Simon, who is a favourite to win the title ahead of the match, has promised his fans to teach Shambo a lesson that he will never forget.


The boxing match between the two was first proposed as a joke earlier this year after videos of Shambo in scuffles with male villagers on separate occasions made the rounds on social media.


People joked that since Shambo was behaving like he is the strongest Oshindonga-speaking man, it is only fair that Harry Simon, also an Omundonga himself, is called in to challenge the village headman.


The idea gained traction and soon afterwards, the two appeared together at Ondangwa to announce the 20 November man.

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