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Reparation debate anticipated in Parliament today

Reparation debate anticipated in Parliament today

Political Desk


THE Swapo representatives in the National Assembly might table a motion this afternoon with the intention to ‘revise’ the genocide agreement with Germany and have time to take a position that can be tabled in parliament before the end of the month.


The President, Dr Hage Geingob, in June already expressed his dissatisfaction with the amount offered and terminology used by Berlin in objecting to the agreement.


The new turn of events can throw the afternoon opening session in turmoil, after two groups representing different affected Ovaherero and Nama communities, as well as political parties, pre-emptively took public positions on the Ovaherero-Nama genocide and reparation agreement in anticipation of this afternoon’s session that will be broadcasted live from the assembly chambers by Informanté’s Facebook.


A political alliance of Nudo, LPM, the Ovaherero Traditional Authority (OTA), the IPC and the PDM, rejected the agreement at the Commando Hall in Windhoek and demanded that the whole process should stop.


Reparation Parliament Swapo National Assembly genocide Germany


New negotiations should start with representatives of the affected Ovaherero and Nama tribes, as well as the German Government.


However, a group of Ovaherero Royal Houses with the Ovaherero-Nama genocide 1904/1908 Development Trust, the Zerua-, Maharero-, Kambazembi and Mureti Royal Houses, dropped their reparation claim from N$19-trillion to N$8-trillion and recommend that the genocide be part of the school curriculum and that a Genocide Day must be finalized without further delay.


The group also asked for the reappointment of a special envoy to reconstitute a more efficient negotiation structure.


The traditional leaders said they dedicated themselves and sacrificed to walk the long walk with the government, but their trust was betrayed and therefore various issues must be addressed afresh.


Swapo is expected to table a motion supporting President Geingob but might ask for time to consider all arguments from groups attempting to table an unopposed motion.


Some opposition parties already indicated that they might decide to table their own motions this afternoon that is expected to be another stormy session with the two suspended MPs Bernardus Swartbooi and Henny Seibeb returning to parliament.


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