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Oniipa residents receive aid

Oniipa residents receive aid

Maria David


HELP poured in for residents of Oniipa after eight households were aided with food supplies by Kwathela Oshiwana Foundation.


The donation which was handed over on Wednesday at the Regional Council also contained clothes for the needy.


During the same event, the foundation also handed over a wheelchair to Abraham Shimi a resident of the Onalulago village.


Kwathela Oshiwana representative Paulus Kornelius, said they intend on acquiring enough wheelchairs for about 15 people that are still in need of such vital equipment.


“All those in need wheelchairs will be measured to ensure that they receive equipment that suits them perfectly,” he added.


Ben Mulongeni, at the same occasion, stated that for the foundation to be sustainable, the vulnerable people need farms to be able to produce their own food supply, as they mostly rely on sponsorships.


He then appealed to the government and the business community to assist by at least sponsoring them tractors to work on the land.


Oniipa Regional Councillor, Vilho Nuunyango stated that the assistance being done by the Kwathela Oshiwana foundation is commendable.


He noted that they might also face provocation by people thinking it’s a political organisation that should not be viewed like that.


Nuunyango urged them to continue with their good deeds of assisting Namibians who might have been hard-hit by poverty and drought.


On the issues of wheelchairs, Nuunyango indicated that this part of his plan strategy on how best to assist the people of Oniipa.

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