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Boxing club takes COVID-19 awareness to the streets

Boxing club takes COVID-19 awareness to the streets

Maria David


THE MTC-Kilimanjaro Boxing Club has taken a COVID-19 awareness campaign to the streets, the informal settlements and the surrounding areas of Oshakati.


The campaign kicked off with questions and answers whereby providers of correct answers to COVID-19-related questions earned themselves a face mask.


The campaign is part of COVID-19 prevention measures to curb the further spread of the disease.


The chairperson of the club, Joseph Bernhard, said that the campaign was made possible through the assistance of the office of the Regional Governor and Indongo Toyota.


MTC-Kilimanjaro Boxing Club COVID-19 informal settlements Oshakati


Bernhard explained that members of the boxing club decided to launch an awareness campaign after detecting in the society a widespread lack of proper understanding when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic.


He further said that there are also many people who cannot afford a mask, but now they can earn themselves a mask by answering a simple question.


Bernhard pointed out that many European countries have removed restrictions and are back to normal.


“That is our hope too,” he said adding that their goal is to reach a large group of people in the Oshana Region.


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