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One arrested for extortion

One arrested for extortion

Maria David

THE Namibian Police in the Oshana Region has apprehended one of six suspects who are allegedly extorting money from pensioners and those close to their retirement age.


Community Affairs Officer, Inspector Thomas Aiyambo, said the suspect was found in possession of a list containing names of people receiving pension grants, as well as a list of those about to receive said grants as their next target.


Recently, a 55-year-old man from the Eenghala village fall victim to the scheme after he was threatened and forced to go retrieve his bank card from his house in order to go withdraw money for the suspects.


“The suspects allegedly threatened the victim not tell any family members, however, the victim alerted the children who in turn informed the police,” said Aiyambo.


He noted that despite managing to arrest one of the six, five more suspects are at large and that the public should be careful.


Aiyambo caution the public not to talk to unknown people even if they are appear honest and friendly.


“If you happen to be a victim of such crimes, before you do anything else, contact the nearest police station,” he added.


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