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Action plan aims to eradicate GBV

Action plan aims to eradicate GBV

Maria David


THE Deputy Inspector General of the Namibian Police in charge of administration, Major General Anne-Marie Nainda, said that gender-based violence (GBV) remains a priority crime because of its nature and the devastating impact it has on humanity.


According to statistics issued by NamPol, over 5 427 GBV related cases were recorded in the 2019/20 financial year, as compared to 2 600 cases in the 2020/21 financial year.


Of those figures, incidences of common assault was the highest with 2 303 cases recorded in the previous period. The number declined to 1 784 cases last year.


Nainda stated that men are notably the main culprits in the commissioning GBV crimes, even though the number of female perpetrators has also been charged.


Inspector General Namibian Police Major Anne-Marie Nainda gender-based violence GBV humanity


The prevalence of violence resulted in the development of a National Action Plan by the Namibian Police.


“The development of the plan commenced in November 2020, and the aim was to enhance policing efforts with a view to improve responsiveness, expedite investigations and accentuate collaborative and consultative interventions,” she said.


She indicated that monthly and quarterly reports will be expected by the office of the Inspector-General, for monitoring and evaluation of this project.


“This will be done to ensure that the plan serves its intended purpose, and to also address the loopholes promptly, as they get identified,” she added.


Nainda stressed that GBV should not only be the concern of law enforcement, but everyone else’s concern; hence, the community should report it.


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