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FMD outbreak in Zambezi continues unabated

FMD outbreak in Zambezi continues unabated

Staff Reporter


THE outbreak of the Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in the Zambezi Region continues to spread, with over 800 cattle currently infected.


Giving an update on the disease management, State Veterinary Dr. Albertina Shilongo explained that the outbreak has spread to floodplain areas as more animals are moving from higher ground in search for water and are thus exposed to FMD via contact with wild buffalos.


Dr. Shilongo further noted that the outbreak has spread from the Kasenu village to other constituencies such as the Luhonono.


She added that the outbreak has spread into areas five kilometers outside Katima Mulilo.


outbreak Zambezi unabated outbreak Foot Mouth Disease FMD Zambezi spread infected
STILL SPREADING: Picture for illustrative purposes only.


Touching on import bans, Dr. Shilongo explained that there still remains importing restrictions on beef products north of the veterinary cordon fence, as well as South Africa.


Dr. Shilongo noted that Namibia has banned the import of poultry from South Africa all together due to the highly pathogenic influenza bird flu in the region, with a total 38 outbreaks reported in South Africa from different commercial farms and areas.


She noted that currently, only cooked and heat treated poultry is imported from South Africa into Namibia.


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