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Otjinene inaugurates emergency isolation centre

Otjinene inaugurates emergency isolation centre

Marthina Mutanga


Authorities in the Omaheke Region has been looking for solutions as the latest wave of Covid-19 continues to decimate the residents.


The Otjinene constituency councillor, Erwin Katjizeu said the region has been one of the hardest hit by the latest wave of Covid-19, with an unusually high number of deaths.


And this week the Deputy Minister of Health Ester Muinjangue and Social Services and Regional Governor officially inaugurates a Covid-19 Isolation Center in Otjinene.


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Katjizeu noted that they are aiming to save lives because of the high mortality rate that the region has faced for the past month.


“This is a community effort, everyone from Otjinene is in this together. If ever you have a relative tested positive from Covid-19 please give our nurses and centre managers a call so they can help save lives,” Katjizeu urged.


According to Katjizeu, there are also volunteers who have availed themselves to save lives.


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