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Oshana police on night duty

Oshana police on night duty

Maria David


ENFORCING Covid-19 regulations has proven to be a challenge for the men and women in the uniform.


A significant number of people continue to ignore the coronavirus prevention measures, including night curfew.


Apart from essential services, the streets are supposed to be deserted by 21:00, however, this has proven not to be the case as many youths in the Oshana Region completely ignore the regulations and continue to wander on the streets all night.


The past weekend many found themselves face-to-face with law enforcement agents when the police conducted night patrols in the region.



Many of those who were caught red-handed struggled to give valid reasons for violating the rules.


The many excuses included returning from a party where “no alcohol was served”, visiting a sick child and coming from the hospital.


In some cases, men even admitted that they were out and about after curfew to fetch their girlfriends to spend the night together.


Oshana police community affairs officer, Inspector Thomas Aiyambo, who accompanied the Saturday night patrol, said that the operation went well but covered only a limited area.


“There are areas in the region that were not covered and we have to cover them too,” he said.


Aiyambo noted that many of those caught violating the 21:00 curfew by three hours were given warnings, but those apprehended after midnight were promptly arrested.


“People do not want to adhere to curfew, which is an integral part of measures meant to curb the further spread of Covid-19,” he said.


He is urging people to cooperate with the police by being law-abiding citizens.


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