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Kilimanjaro Boxers keeping busy

Kilimanjaro Boxers keeping busy

Maria David


BOXERS of the Kilimanjaro Boxing Club are currently keeping themselves busy by pouring back to their community by keeping their environment clean or rendering assistance to others in need.


The boxers embarked on their campaign last month after all contact sports were prohibited under revised health regulations announced by the government.


Club Chairman, Joseph Bernhard said that they intend to continue visiting their sponsors and community and offer assistance as required with the intention of keeping the boxers busy.


Bernhard pointed out that with gyms currently closed, many of the boxers are sitting at home doing nothing, and having them on their feet keeps them fit at least.


Kilimanjaro Boxers Kilimanjaro Boxing Club community


“We have over 40 boxers and we keep them busy by dividing them into groups so they can each have a chance of doing their part in the community,” he said.


On Tuesday, six boxers spent their day cleaning the premises of Bertha Security Services in Oshakati as part of their campaign.


The owner of Bertha Security Services, Simeon Linus said that it’s heartwarming to see boxers keeping themselves through their community assistance initiative.


“I love boxers as they are strong and have the same discipline as security workers. Boxers, keep us entertained and calm once we watch their game and ensuring that that people are engaged at all times,” he said.


He urged security service providers to make use of the Kilimanjaro boxers because they are committed and well-disciplined.


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