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Youth urged to get creative

Youth urged to get creative

Maria David


OMUSATI regional governor Erginus Endjala, said the effects of COVID-19 worldwide have created a new area of business opportunities.


Endjala made the remarks during his State of the Region Address, saying food security has dropped drastically, while food prices have increased which left many people food insecure.


“I, therefore encourage the young people to treat agriculture sector as a lucrative business more than just a hobby,” he cited.


He explained that by treating agriculture as a business they shall improve in food self-sustenance.


Youth Omusati governor Erginus Endjala effects COVID-19 worldwide business


Endjala noted that to defeat the notion of being artificial consumers but not producers because they rely on imported food for consumption.


“Thus, it is our wish as a Region to formalize the informal market to enable it to enter into the national procurement system,” he added.


Endjala urged local financial institutions to be innovative through unlocking agricultural potential in the Region, especially in manufacturing and agro-processing areas that have the potential to create job employment opportunities for the youth.


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