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Shapumba’s lawyers seek council resolution

Shapumba’s lawyers seek council resolution

Maria David


LAWYERS of business tycoon Erastus Shapumba, better known as “Chicco”, are requesting the Oshakati Town Council to provide their resolution after it was alleged that they had resolved to refund payments made for the old Omatala by Mouse Properties CC owned by Shapumba.


Shapumba acquired the land at Erf 1342, measuring 1.7 hectares at N$2.5 million after 11 other companies lost a bid for the land.


In a letter seen by Informanté, Shapumba’s lawyer Sisa Namandje has requested the council to provide them with any council resolution on the basis on which the allegation of refund is being made, if any.


“Our client was surprised to read reports recently in the media that you intend to refund him in respect of the payment he made when it acquired the property,” read the letter.


The letter further reminded the council that the two parties are still waiting for a date in the Supreme Court, which bound the two to the transaction.


LYING IDLE: The old Omatala saga continues with Shapumba requesting resolution papers. – Photo by Maria David


However, Town Mayor Leonard Hango, said council management made a recommendation to refund the N$2.5 million paid by Mouse Property, but a resolution is yet to be taken.


Hango stated that the purchasing of the land was not completed as the final approval is done by the lime ministry, as a result, the council can’t keep the money.


He indicated that initially the case against the council by Shapumba was finalised and stripped of court roll and the pending case is just an appeal.


“We don’t want to keep the money paid by Shapumba,” he added.
Hango noted that the company paid the N$2.5 million price way before the sale was concluded.


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