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COVID-19 has no bearing on health insurance payout

COVID-19 has no bearing on health insurance payout

Staff Reporter


THE Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority (NAMFISA) has dispelled false claims that being vaccinated or being infected with the coronavirus forfeits medical insurance claims.


Kenneth Motomola, NAMFISA spokesperson, explained that there has been speculative communication circulating on various social media platforms asserting that receiving the COVID-19 vaccine invalidates one’s life insurance cover.


Others claimed that in the unfortunate events of subsequent severe complications from the vaccine or death, no benefits will be paid out to the policy holder or beneficiary.


health insurance payout Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority NAMFISA vaccinated coronavirus medical
Pictured: Kenneth Motomola, registrar of long term insurance at NAMFISA. Photo: Contributed


Motomola, however, clarified that all these are false and that the decision to get vaccinated or not vaccinated has no impact on health insurance claims.


He further added that the Namibia Medicines Regulatory Council’s decision to approve the COVID-19 vaccination is a significant step towards the country’s fight in mitigating the health and socioeconomic effects of the pandemic.


“No life insurance claims will be repudiated as a result of the policymakers or beneficiaries receiving the vaccine. As such, life insurance claims will remain valid and all valid claims will be honoured by the Insurarers as stated in the terms and conditions of Policy contracts. Any member/s of the public whose claim has been rejected or has been informed that their claim will be rejected in future as a result of taking the COVID-19 vaccine or not take taking it can file a complaint with NAMFISA ” Motomola concluded.


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