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Erongo residents urged to get vaccinated

Erongo residents urged to get vaccinated

Niël Terblanché


IN order to combat the rampant spread of the third wave of COVID-19 authorities in the Erongo Region are going to return to re-implement tried and tested preventative measures.


The Erongo Regional Governor, Neville Andre, said the recent surge in deaths and confirmed cases in Namibia is the cause of great concern to regional leadership.


“As of June the 14th 2021, the Erongo Region recorded a cumulative figure of 10389 cases from which 9305 people or 90% have recovered. Cumulatively, the region recorded 143 deaths ascribed to COVID-19, A total number of 224, health care workers also tested positive in the region,” he said.


Andre said that although the numbers might seem low, pressure on health care facilities is still immense.


“All current indications are that the state health facilities are full to capacity in the region, especially in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, putting more pressure on oxygen provision, human resources, and other important equipment such as ventilators. The rising figures require us to get back into motion again, plan adequately and act accordingly. We now more than ever before called to act fast and decisively,” he said.


residents third wave COVID-19 Erongo tested preventative combat vaccinated
Photo: Courtesy of Charly’s DesertTours


The regional governor said that people need a more hands-on in their approach to mitigate the further spread of COVID-19.


“Our economy cannot afford another lockdown, therefore my plea on the people of Erongo is to adhere to the regulations. Do not attend large public gatherings. In case of funerals send a message of condolences, we are living in abnormal times, which calls on us to embrace the times we are living in. Let us stay home, wash our hands and keep a social distance. It takes personal discipline and commitment to fight the virus and it should start with us all. Our lives matter most, we need to safeguard the safety of our families and loved ones,” he said.


Governor Andre reported that he is happy to announce that he is fully vaccinated after receiving both shots of the Vaccine.


“I never felt any side effects and I am in a good state of health. Similarly, three of my Senior Staff at my Office also got both jabs and none of them have shown any discomfort as a result of taking the vaccine. The myths and misinformation lack truth and are only aimed at misleading the Namibian population,” he said.


He said that for the region to get back to the normality of enjoying sports, outdoor events, travelling freely, getting the economy back on the right trajectory, where children can freely play around, every resident must get vaccinated.


He added that to attain herd immunity, between 60%-80% of the population needs to be vaccinated and in this regard encouraged all citizens of the Erongo region to go out there and get the vaccination.


“Let us now more than ever before, put politics and religion aside, and stand together as to fight Covid-19 together,” Andre urged.


At the same time the regional health authority urged people to report to health centres as early as possible to ensure that they receive appropriate care before their situation becomes critical.


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