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Relocated people unhappy

Relocated people unhappy

Maria David


PEOPLE that were relocated from the Sky location in Oshakati to the Onawa location have registered their disappointment with the process.


They claim that they were promised serviced land, but many of them are far from being connected to the services that they were promised.


They also complained of lack of toilet facilities, saying the temporary mobile toilets that were there had been removed for reasons unknown to them.


“Those of us with permanent structures were told that we were to be compensated, but did not get the total for property values,” said one of the residents.


However, Oshakati Town Mayor Leonard Hango, said that two groups were relocated from Sky location to Onawa, those with temporary structures and permanent structures.


Relocated people Sky location Oshakati Onawa location


“When relocation was done, council assisted them and if any of their materials were damaged it was then replaced with aim of them being able to construct a structure exactly like the one they had before being moved,” he said.


Hango stated that for those with permanent structures a team from the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform was sent to do a valuation on their properties because the council does not have an official to do the job.


“This was done to avoid overpricing and underpricing of property values by the council and might create another problem,” he said.


He pointed out that each person then received a paper on how valuation was done and the team was also called on to make them understand with regard to the matter.


“People should be thankful, they received free plots, serviced with only sewage system pending and is expected to commerce with sewage system building in the next financial year that will start in July,” he said.


Hango admitted that the council had made provision for temporary toilets, but removed the structures to force people to build their own toilets as they were taught to do at a Development Workshop Program.


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