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Kerina dies from Covid-19

Kerina dies from Covid-19

Marthina Mutanga & Niël Terblanché


MBURUMA Kerina, a political giant and the man credited for naming Namibia, has passed away at the age of 89.


Besides an illustrious political career, the late Kerina was a co-author of the Namibian Constitution while he represented Baster Captain Hans Diergardt’s Federal Convention of Namibia that at the time propagated for the country to become a federal state after independence.


A close relative confirmed that Kerina’s death was COVID-19 related and that he passed away while he was admitted at a hospital in Windhoek.


The late Kerina was born the 6th of June 1932 in Tsumeb and will always be remembered as a giant in Namibian politics, an academic and an author.


dies Covid-19 MBURUMA Kerina man credited naming Namibia passed away


During his career, Kerina co-founded several political parties such as the SWAPO Party, the National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO) and the former Democratic Turnhalle Alliance (DTA), the forerunner of today’s official opposition, the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM).


Besides serving on Namibia’s Constituent Assembly, he was also a member of the National Assembly, and National Council.


With regards to naming Namibia, he at the time proposed that Namib’s people would be called “Namibians” but with time, his compatriots decided Namibia sounded better, hence the modern name of the country.


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