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Prominent Namibian figures die

Prominent Namibian figures die

Staff Reporter


MESSAGES of condolences are pouring in after news of the deaths of former environment minister, Reverend Willem Konjore and Samson Ndeikwila, the founder of the Breaking the Wall of Silence, broke.


It is reported that Reverend Konjore passed away on Friday morning while admitted at the Lady Pohamba Private Hospital in Windhoek.


The late Reverend Konjore served as a member of the National Assembly of Namibia since the days of the Constituent Assembly in 1989.


He also served as the Deputy Speaker of Parliament from 2000 to 2005.


He passed away at the age of 75.


Ndeikwila, a veteran of the War for the Liberation of Namibia, reportedly died as a result of COVID-19 related issues on Friday morning.


The late Ndeikwila was a founding member, as well as the first chairperson of Breaking the Wall of Silence movement and a wellknown author.


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