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Man who shot himself at roadblock dies in hospital

Man who shot himself at roadblock dies in hospital

Staff Reporter


MORE details have now emerged about the baffling shooting incident that occurred at the permanent Onhuno police checkpoint in the Ohangwena Region Saturday afternoon.


The Namibian Police have provided details and identified the man who shot himself in the head in the presence of police officers, and who eventually died in the Engela district hospital, as the 46-year-old Pombili Hauwanga, a resident of the Ongenga Village.


It is alleged that Hauwanga was driving his Audi station wagon from Oshakati to Onhuno via Endola, with his cousin Erickson Lamanguluka Hauwanga (32) as his only passenger.


It is further alleged that upon reaching the Onangubu Village near Endola, the driver pulled out a gun and shot Erickson in his right leg before kicking him out of the vehicle, and continuing on his journey to Onhuno.


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The vehicle was intercepted by the police at the roadblock and the driver complied with the police request to pull off the road, but suddenly pulled the gun out and shot himself in the head.


He was rushed to the Engela District Hospital to hospital where he succumbed to the self-inflicted wound a short while later.


His cousin, Erickson, was taken to the same hospital where he was admitted and currently still in a stable condition.


The police said that they have not yet established the reason for the shootings.


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