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Anti-vaccine campaign affecting national programme

Anti-vaccine campaign affecting national programme

Maria David

OSHANA regional governor Elia Irimari has blamed the low turnout of the national COVID-19 vaccine programme to the ongoing anti-vaccine campaign on social media and other platforms.


Irimari stated that a lot of false theories have been shared, causing fear for the vaccine and hesitancy in the region.


“Those causing fear amongst the people should stop, as the death rate in the region is on the rise and hospitals are fast filling up,” he said.


Irimari pointed out that the region has this week recorded 11 hospitalisations due to COVID-19, while many more are still in quarantine facilities across the region.


He cited that many who have so far received the vaccine have not reported any permanent negative side effects after receiving the first dose.


The Ministry of Health and Social Service launched its vaccination campaign last month in the Khomas and Erongo regions after it had set a target priority population during Phase One.


Lies vaccine Oshana Governor Elia Irimari anti-vaccine campaign social platforms COVID-19


Health director Ben Nangombe stated that for the country to achieve herd immunity, 60 to 80% of the population must be fully vaccinated.


To date, a total of 67 706 people out of the targeted population of 1 501 041 have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in the country, of which Zambezi Region has the lowest vaccine intake.


Of the 67 706, only 1 164 people out of the population of 63 106, were vaccinated in the Zambezi Region.


The Oshikoto and Kavango West regions only vaccinated 1 585 and 2 008 people, respectively.


The Khomas Region has the highest vaccinated population, with 23 129 people out of the targeted 286 641 population vaccinated, followed by the Erongo Region, with 7 169 people vaccinated out of 121 682 and the Otjozondjupa Region, with 5 507 people vaccinated out of 97 903.


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