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A drone must help find Zanna’s calf

A drone must help find Zanna’s calf

Niël Terblanché


THE owners of Farm Ghaub are waiting for a specialized drone to assist them in the search for a little rhino calf that has gone missing since her mother, Zanna, was killed by poachers a week ago.


Martin Rust said that they have been flying with a helicopter over the area where they think the rhino calf might be.


“We could not find any fresh tracks or dung on the ground and searching with a helicopter did not have any success either. The situation is very worrying,” he said.


According to Rust, they are going to enlarge the search and then use a drone fitted with a heat sensor to again search for the calf in an area of about 5 000 hectares.




“The area where we are searching for the calf is covered with thick vegetation and the drone with its special technology will be a great help,” he said.


Rust added that the calf of the second rhino cow that was killed last Sunday night has calmed down and that she was seen grazing in the bushes with her older brother.


He said that the rhino bull has also been spotted but that the animal seems to be very nervous.


“The bull has been patrolling the entire farm and it is clear that the trauma of the cows being killed has had an adverse effect on the animal’s social behaviour. We hope, that with time, the situation calms down, and we sort of find new normality in the reserve,” he said.


Rust added that the investigation into the poaching incident where Zanna and another cow were killed and maimed by poachers has already started and they are hopeful that the N$50 000 reward for information will lead to the successful arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators.


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