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Crime against farmers placed in the spotlight

Crime against farmers placed in the spotlight

Niël Terblanché


NEW strategies are needed to battle the scourge of stock theft and poaching on farms in all regions of Namibia.


The Namibian Police is currently in the process of devising such new strategies with the input of farmers that are most affected by the relentless onslaught of stock thieves and poachers.


The most recent meeting between the newly appointed Deputy Inspector-General of the Namibian Police, Major General Joseph Shikongo was held in Karibib and was attended by local law enforcement officials and farmers from the areas of Usakos, Omatjete, Otjimbingwe, the Spitzkoppe area as well as those farming in the Karibib district.


Although the meeting focused mainly on stock theft and poaching the prevention of other types of crime was also discussed.



“The safety and security of Namibia’s farming sector are a pertinent issue. Food security must be guaranteed in our beloved country and that can only be achieved through joint crime prevention operations,” General Shikongo told officers and farmers that attended the meeting.


He said that the resolutions reached during every meeting with groups of farmers will eventually be distilled into effective strategies. He added that the plans will however not be successful if the farming community does not get fully involved in the efforts to prevent crime from occurring.


Similar meetings were already conducted with farmers from the Khomas and Hardap regions.


During these meetings, participants discuss the ways and means of bolstering the efforts of law enforcement officials to prevent stock theft and other types of crimes in farming areas.


At the meeting in Karibib on Workers Day, General Shikongo indicated that a series of meetings will be held in all the regions of Namibia to fin a solution to the scourge of poaching and stock theft in farming areas.


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