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Boxing is slowly dying

Boxing is slowly dying

Maria David


BOXING in the northern regions is slowly dying due to a lack of sponsorship.


This despite the chairman of the Amateur Boxing Federation, Simon Amakali denying it while blaming personal fights amongst the various clubs.


Currently, the federation only has three registered clubs, which are Kilimanjaro Boxing Club, Bulelo Boxing Academy, and Oshakati Boxing Club, out of more than ten previously registered.


The decrease is attributed to a lack of funds and sponsorship for the clubs.


Boxing dying lack sponsorship Amateur Boxing Federation
PICTURED: The chairman of the Amateur Boxing Federation in the northern area Simon Amakali with the founder of Kilimanjaro Boxing Club Joseph Bernhard. – Photo by Maria David


Kilimanjaro remains the only club that is keeping box alive through hosting tournaments after they received a financial boost from MTC back in 2019 of about N$500 000.


Amakali claims that many of the clubs were destroyed by infighting, but he claims that none of these matters were ever reported to him on black and white.


“Some of the boxers went in search for greener pastures, leaving their clubs to die. Let’s leave differences aside in order to develop boxing in Oshana,” he said.


The founder of Kilimanjaro Boxing Club Joseph Bernhard, said club-owners are really not serious with nurturing the talent of the youth that are interested in boxing in the region.


Bernhard noted that the development of boxers is very important as there is a need to harvest their talent, but coaches are busy having fights amongst each other, which is killing the sport.


He also claimed that many of the boxers have lost their way and ended up being undiscovered by anyone.


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