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New Baster Kaptein elected

New Baster Kaptein elected

Niël Terblanché


The Rehoboth Basters have elected former school principal, Jacky Britz, as the new Baster Kaptein.


The results of the election that was held on Saturday were announced on Sunday morning and according to the election committee, Britz managed to secure 2 583 of the votes while the other candidate, Raynault van Wyk on had 523 votes.


A day before the election, Van Wyk attempted to have the process postponed and approached the High Court in Windhoek with an urgent application in this regard.


New Baster Kaptein elected Rehoboth Basters former school principal Jacky Britz
PICTURED: The newly elected Baster Kaptei, Jacky Britz.


Van Wyk questioned the legitimacy of the committee in charge of the election of a traditional leader and the fact that prospective voters had to register by paying a N$20 fee. He argued that the fee would exclude the majority of the 70 000 potential voters.


The presiding judge, however, dismissed the application with costs and ordered that the matter be removed from the court roll which meant that the election did go ahead as planned on Saturday.


Before his retirement, Jacky Britz was the principal of the M&K Gertze High School in Rehoboth, He also served as the chairman of the Sam !Khubis festival committee.


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