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Governors demand the opening of the Namibia-Angola border

Governors demand the opening of the Namibia-Angola border

Placido Hilukilwa


A MEETING of Namibian and Angolan regional and provincial governors has expressed concern about the negative effects of the prolonged closure of the border between the two countries and agreed to request the relevant authorities to re-open the border in order to normalize trade relations and restore the interdependence of border area residents.


The meeting was held in Lubango, Angola, on Wednesday and was attended by regional governors of Omusati and Ohangwena, Erginus Endjala, and Walde Ndevashiya respectively.


The Angolan side was represented by governors of the four southern provinces, namely Namibe, Huila, Cunene, and Cuando-Cubango.


The meeting addressed practical ways of cooperating in the border area to prevent the cross-border transmission of the coronavirus; the combating of swarms of locusts, and livestock theft.


opening Namibia-Angola border Namibian Angolan regional provincial governors


Participants also analyzed the situation of Angolan nationals who entered Namibia recently fleeing a severe drought that is affecting their villages in southern Angola.


The Angolan governors thanked the Namibian authorities for the assistance given to the displaced Angolans.


The governor of the Cunene province was mandated to visit Ohangwena and Omusati regions to meet the Angolans and encourage them to return to their motherland.


According to a press release issued by the Angolan side after the meeting, the governors’ indaba concluded that the two countries need a common strategy and joint action in combating the locusts instead of each country acting in isolation as is currently the case.


The governors further agreed to create a consultative forum for the governors of the border regions and provinces that would meet twice a year to address bilateral issues.


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