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Otjozondjupa rolls out vaccination campaign

Otjozondjupa rolls out vaccination campaign

Marthina Mutanga


THE Otjozondjupa Regional Governor, James Uerikua has become the first person in the Region to take the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination, at the Otjiwarongo State Hospital.


Uerikua called on all the citizens of Otjozondjupa to get vaccinated, in order for the Region and the country to return to normalcy.


The reaming seven Otjozondjupa Constituency Councillors were vaccinated after the Governor.


According to Nelson Johannes, an Acting Senior Medical Officer at the Otjiwarongo hospital, the regional health authority will be using the Sinopharm from China and AstraZeneca from India to inoculate people.


“Each person will receive a total of two doses, the second dose will be given 21-days after the first dose”, the Acting Senior Medical Officer said.


The vaccination sites in Otjiwarongo will be situated at the Otjiwarongo State Hospital, Ombili Clinic, and Orwetoveni clinic.


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